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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Rar Password Extractor v1

Hello friends,

Here i am about to share my newly made software to crack rar passwords in seconds.

It cracks only .rar passwords and i am working on .zip and i will soon release it.

All the steps are completely explained in the video:

Folder contains 5 files as shown above.

1)Download Rar Password Extractor v1.rar .

2)Run Rar Password Extractor v1.exe tool

3)Browse your desired rar file to get the password extracted.

4)click start cracking to extract the password.Password should be cracked in few seconds

5)After extracting a messagebox will appear that the password is stored in password.txt file

6)Go and copy the password from the password.txt file and unlock your rar file like given below.They are extracted by the software:

[Note: please don't touch stub.exe and don't try to modify dll files,they are very sensitive]